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The Laces

Genuine leather laces, for new sneakers society

When we decided to create La La Laces, we looked for a perfect quality product, made of the best leather on the market. It must be soft, but strong enough to tolerate thight knots and great stress.

That’s why our laces are made in Italy, where the craftsmanship and knowledge on leather is at its best.

Our Bests

Take a look to our designs. always new colors and styles

Click the dots Superb Finish:
Our leathers are proudly made
in Italy with best
production processes
Fashion & Style:
Our laces mean
best quality
and great style
Brass Tip:
Original brass tip
with metal finish
in different colors


Beautiful colors and styles

Born in the USA

Ideated in Los Angeles, California

Italian Leather

Best first class leather from Tuscany, Italy

Enhance your style

New way of wearing your sneakers

Top sneaker customizers use La La Laces for their luxury customs.